unhealthy treeAlthough trees are predominant decorative elements in your home’s landscaping, they share this location with grasses, plants, and other vegetation. The roots of trees, grass, shrubs, and ground cover plants all contend for water and nutrients.

Every single solution added to the yard like herbicides and fertilizers, can affect the look and vigor of a tree. Alternatively, treatments administered to a tree, like trimming and feeding, can affect the look and vigor of the underlying grass. The treatment of every plant in a yard can impact the health and wellness of every plant in your landscape.

Tree Health

Signs, like blemished leaves, lifeless branches, or premature leaf fall, should trigger a phone call to an Austin arborist. Often the reason for the problem is a small issue that is quickly determined and remedied. On the other hand, the issue may be more complicated, with a multiple causes requiring a solution that crosses numerous seasons.

Tree care includes regular observation, preventive procedures, and a solid working partnership in between the homeowner and the professional.

Illness and bugs can endanger tree health and wellness. As quickly as you observe any irregularity in your tree’s health, you ought to start a evaluation of the issue. By recognizing the particular signs of damage and knowing their sources, you might have the ability to detect the issue and pick a proper remedy.

Grass and plants are crucial components in rural and metropolitan landscapes. Trees and lawn provide unique individual, practical, and ecological advantages. The designated advantages of these plants might never ever be acquired, nevertheless, if possible incompatibilities are not attended to.

The undesired impacts of tree and grass competition include decreasing your lawn under big shade trees; big tree roots that impede mowing; young trees that do not appear to grow; tree trunks severely harmed by mower or weed whackers.


Mulch products are placed over the ground surface area to preserve wetness and enhance the soil. Mulching is among the most helpful acts a property owner can do for the health of a tree. Inappropriate mulching products and practices might have little bit, or even unfavorable, effect on the trees in your landscape.

Think about tree maintenance as an investment decision. A healthier tree is worth more with age and gives huge dividends by increasing home values, enhancing our environment, cleansing our air, and conserving energy by supplying refreshing shade from summer season’s heat and defense from winter season’s wind.

Routine preventative upkeep, developed to promote tree health and structural stability, guarantees a tree’s worth will continue to grow and avoids the advancement of more expensive issues in the future. An efficient upkeep program, consisting of routine evaluations and needed follow-up care i.e. trimming, mulch, fertilization and extra soil care can reveal health issues and prevent deadly or harmful issues. Learn how our professionals can help you with tree services in Austin.




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