tree selectionHere we listed the pests and diseases that you’ll most often find  in your Austin Texas area landscape. If you need a professional opinion please go to our   Tree Service Austin main page.

Common Insects:

Stipplers: These bugs cause leaves to look stippled, bronzed and bleached.

Lace Bugs: Feed on Hackberry, Oak, Walnut and Sycamore.

Spider Mites: Feed on Italian Cypress, Oaks, Arborvitae and multiple other trees.

Suckers: Show up hiding under leaves with evidence of sooty mold and honeydew under the tree.

Aphids: Feed on Elm, Hackberry, Pecan and more

Scales: Feed on Elm, Magnolia, Crape Myrtles and others

Chewers: Easily found with eaten and skeletonized leaves

Bag Worms: Feed on Oak, Juniper, Cypress and more

Tent Caterpillars: Feed mainly on fruit trees.

Fall Webworms: Look for web in the tree canopy.

Juniper budworms: Eat Cedar species

Gall Makers: Leaves bumps and balls on twigs or leaves.

Oak Apple Gall

Hackberry Nipple Gall

Borers: Leave holes in the trunk and lead to tree death.

Cottonwood Borer

Redheaded Ash Borer: Found on dead or dying trees

Gum Bumelia Borer

Emerald Ash Borer: Tunnel under bark and kill tree

Emerald Ash Borer: Look for D shaped holes in tree trunk

Common Diseases:


Hypoxylon Canker: Attacks Sycamore, Elm and others

Leaf Spots: Creates spots on multiple varieties

Ganoderma: Mostly harms Oaks, ash, elms

Armillaria: Yellow or thin foliage on multiple species

Oak Wilt: Harms mainly Red and Live Oak


Bacterial Leaf Scorch: Found mainly on Oaks, sycamores, elms, boxelders

It is best to catch problems early and to have an idea of what your healthy trees look like in different seasons.
Also be sure to inspect trees often for symptoms of pests and disease as they are easier to control when caught in early stages.

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